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About Council of Homoeopathic Medicine

Martin Honigberger, an amateur Homoeopathic clinician, started homoeopathy in India in the year 1839. The, then, Bengal Government recognized the popularity gained by homoeopathy and in 1941. The state faculty of Homoeopathic Medicine was formed. India got independence in 1947 with divided Bengal 1963 was the year, when the West Bengal Homoeopathic system of medicine Act. 1963 (West Bengal Act. XXXIII of 1963) was passed. 1st August, 1964 is the red letter day. On that very day, Govt. of West Bengal, constituted and formed The Council of Homoeopathic Medicine West Bengal, The oldest Council of India.

Pharmacy students in the examination hall

Registrar's chamber,Council

Council Office Staff at Work

Excursion Tour of Pharmacy Students

Council Office Entrance

M.J.R.J. Haridevpur Pharmacy College Lab

M.J.R.J. Pharmacy College,Haridevpur

Cooch Behar Advancement & Prosperity Society

Pharmacy Lab at Council College

Pharmacy Class at Purulia College

Pharmacy Lab in Purulia

Purulia Homoeopathic Pharmacy College

Purulia Homoeopathic Pharmacy College

Excursion Tour of Pharmacy Students

Excursion Tour of Pharmacy Students